REVISTING BUCHAREST. A digital essay in 4 languages. English translation by Lawrence Schimel & Barbara Anderlič, German by Daniela Kocmut, Romanian by Paula Braga. With photos by Uroš Prah. Desgined by Beri. Publihser: TradukiToo much light, of course / but nor is / the answer / to dim. 
A selection of poetry in English on Versopolis. RAIN // Of course I wish / the cove were full of calm young men coming on my body. / Then half of them would wash me with their hot urine. / Half of those would dip me into the sea, / their other half would oil me and massage each patch of my available body, / another would wash me with warm suds for the second time, / and once I was clean wrap me in a thin linen cloth / and lay me into the hands of the last, / which would lay their warm palm on my brow, / fingertips would stick to it, / a black spot would sink into me, / an eyeball in the gullet / would eat itse–(Rain, translation for Versopolis by Jernej Županič)
Two essays in English on Versopolis;… All of these glances and stares in the room have something in common: They are fundamentally queer, minority gazes, even though it is a space of great freedom, the glances and stares are always encoded at least twofold. They express contentment and caution. …(Viennese Freedom)